Wissembourg, Alasce: Kugelhopf, Little Goats, and Cheese

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A few more notes on Wissembourg before we head back to Paris.

I’ve been lucky to travel a good deal in the last few years, and this trip was certainly among the best. Growing up in Hawai’i we usually traveled in the direction of Asia, exploring Bangkok, Tokyo, China, and my parent’s hometown of Vietnam (we’re of Chinese descent but have three generations in Vietnam). Luckily my parents and sister love traveling just as much, if not more.

Now that I live in NYC, I’m making it a priority to explore more of Europe. We have Italy and Greece on our list for next year. Fingers crossed we can make it happen. But there is always Hawai’i, and no matter where I go, you can always count on me visiting Hawai’i at least twice a year.

Now, getting back on subject. I’ve written of the beautiful mirabelles and mille-feuilles, and a spectacular tarte flambée, all essential elements of this holiday. The best food we ate was really the home cooking from Pierre’s mom. I mean, when is home cooking not the best? ;) His parents had just come back from Carnac, Brittany the day before we visited. They brought back wonders like golden Breton Butter Cakes

…and fresh eggs from his grandma’s farm. We visited the farm last year remember?

We indulged a bit too much on the first few days in Wissembourg. Excellent wines, cheese at every meal, foie gras, and of course that tarte flambée I can’t get out of my mind. It was that good.

So on out last day, lighter food was in order, and Pierre’s mom whipped up a clean stir fry with plenty of ginger and all the vegetables from the garden.

We had a different fish preparation each day…

…always paired with salad. Collards greens (also from the garden!) sautéed with thin sliced onions and raisins.

One morning we woke to a fresh Kugelhopf, almond-studded on top and with an abundance of plump golden raisins. I wish I could send you the yeasty, sweet and nutty scent of warm kugelhopf over the computer!

Here it was rising the night before.

And then, breakfast. Always with a pot of Jasmine tea. Espresso for Pierre.

P.S. One afternoon while walking to town, we found this little goat. The poor thing was lost, no more than a month old. He was frightened by passing cars but affectionate and trusting with humans. He even walked up to a girl in a cafe and tried to lick her ice cream cone! A lady eventually picked up (just like that, with both arms) and put him in the front seat of the car. She drove little goat to the police station, and he sat in the car seat, quiet and calm as if he belonged there!

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