Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha

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Pieces and parts for Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha:

  • Green jasmine
  • Pearl chrysanthemum (for the respiratory system)
  • Goji berries (for the liver)
  • Lotus seeds (for the kidneys)
  • Baby rosebuds
  • Rock sugar
  • Jujube (for the blood)
  • Hawthorn (for digestion)

The above blend is from China Live in SF. I find lots of pleasure in tasting/comparing blends with the ones I make at home. I’ve also seen many variations that incorporate ginseng, licorice, and dried tangerine peels. Teakha in Hong Kong offers a Ba Bao Cha brew at the cafe…

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Las Vegas // San Francisco

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22489493948_fde6a12ff7_cI was recently in Vegas to speak at the World Tea Expo (covering global tea trends in foodservice). It was a busy 36 hours, but the good kind where you’re producing and having fun. I had a few great meals before heading to San Francisco. Make time for the things you want ^-^

28042184996_6d53ae9157_cOmakase at Kabuto…

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