Las Vegas // San Francisco

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22489493948_fde6a12ff7_cI was recently in Vegas to speak at the World Tea Expo (covering global tea trends in foodservice). It was a busy 36 hours, but the good kind where you’re producing and having fun. I had a few great meals before heading to San Francisco. Make time for the things you want ^-^

28042184996_6d53ae9157_cOmakase at Kabuto…

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Sunday Afternoon

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27177385293_8104ba612a_cApéritif…plus a handful of nibbles ^-^

27713336401_410854b84c_cI was visiting Noelle in San Francisco last week for work projects. And one early Sunday evening, we invited over friends (we all grew up together in Hawaii) for drinks and snacks.

We work together seamlessly…Noelle does the cocktails, I do the tea. Wine and food is a collaborative effort.

27753933656_6c77c22415_cRemember how Pierre’s mom always served foie gras and white port for apéritif? I first learned of this pairing when we stayed with them in Alsace. Then again in Paris and Brittany. No matter the season or where we were in France, I could always count on this treat for the evenings we dined at home.

I didn’t know anything about white port before that first summer. Ahh the things you learn. (That’s my favorites part about traveling.) Always chilled. And sometimes, with an ice cube or two…

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San Francisco | Song Tea & Ceramics

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15724020070_a70697c570_cAs promised, a peek inside Song Tea & Ceramics

15291687243_851b27b816_c…a wonderful tea shop in San Francisco.

15911311205_1ea1a9cdb9_cOne wall lined in ceramics…

15911332325_4537900bba_c…another with tea.

15724049790_d7141b6a8d_cAnd a center table of yixing pots.

15725535167_bf878ca19d_cBut my favorite table? This one here on the left as you enter.

15289094534_f8d9a846b9_cThis is the table for drinking tea, complete with gorgeous trays and cork stools.

15725303499_f5c2c9d594_cLet’s sit for a steep…

15909375421_83fa0474f0_c…or two or three.

15291663913_c825d80209_cWe’ll be back soon again ^-^