Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha

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Pieces and parts for Eight Treasures Tea / Ba Bao Cha:

  • Green jasmine
  • Pearl chrysanthemum (for the respiratory system)
  • Goji berries (for the liver)
  • Lotus seeds (for the kidneys)
  • Baby rosebuds
  • Rock sugar
  • Jujube (for the blood)
  • Hawthorn (for digestion)

The above blend is from China Live in SF. I find lots of pleasure in tasting/comparing blends with the ones I make at home. I’ve also seen many variations that incorporate ginseng, licorice, and dried tangerine peels. Teakha in Hong Kong offers a Ba Bao Cha brew at the cafe…

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Hong Kong | Tea and Dinner Pairing

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25153347702_00ce4a431b_cLast night in Hong Kong, a tea and dinner pairing…

DSC00973…hosted by yú teahouse / 瑜茶舍 and Ngau Saam Gun / 牛三館.

Eight beef-centric courses, each matched with a tea. We moved from cool to warm, light to dark. Started with the greens, alternated whites and oolongs in the middle, and finished with three pu’erhs (one raw, two cooked).

Compare and contrast with other tea pairings:

Dinner started with…

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Hong Kong, Once More

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20641470444_b05db3fbee_cWhenever I’m in Asia (anywhere in Asia!) I always stop by Hong Kong for a few days on my way home. Sometimes for work, sometimes for fun…and most often for both. I love this city. Below, snapshots from my last visit ^-^

I stayed at The Upper House this time…

21253750892_cdd176540c_c…and made sure to wake up extra early for breakfast for at Café Gray Deluxe. All the good stuff in this set. Char siu bao, corn and crab jook with all the fixings, fried noodles and turnip cakes. Chrysanthemum and honey to drink…

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