2016 | A Year of Travel

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2016 was a lot of going back and forth between NYC and Honolulu. I’m still trying to figure the perfect schedule for living in both cities (spring/fall in NYC and summer/winter in Honolulu?)…but am getting closer. Maybe I’ll figure it out this year.

Below, the annual travel recap (see recaps for 2015 and 2014 here) ^-^

2016 started in Honolulu…

…and then back to NYC…

…and then back to Honolulu…

…before a month in Hong Kong.

And a visit to Macau.

Back to NYC…

…and then to Iceland (first time).

Honolulu again!

And then Singapore.

Seattle (also for the first time, hope to be back again).


Las Vegas

…San Francisco.

And Honolulu.



…and Paris.

And then NYC…

…and San Francisco (thanks for always housing me, Noelle!)…


…and Honolulu.

Then London and…

Lisbon (also first time!) with Christina.


New Haven (just for a weekend).

Costa Rica

…and Honolulu for the holidays ^-^


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  • Sam
    June 12, 2017

    Hi there,

    I was wondering where the pic representing SF was taken? Looks yummy! Thanks!

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