One Night in Macau

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25137078301_67df1c48a3_cAn hour ferry ride takes you from Hong Kong to Macau. Just for one night. Just for fun.

24599615014_a2189e2b22_cChecking in at Mandarin Oriental Macau. Tea in bed…

24603461873_e38576cf00_c…and then a short ride to Casa de Cha Long Wa. Classic teahouse / local dim sum spot…

24862589289_34bb41d32c_c…spring onion chicken rice is the thing to get here. Looks like a tiny bowl, but it’s packed. The spring onion/ginger sauce is a dream. I’d be happy with just the sauce and rice.

25112006522_979754958a_cHere’s where they store all the teapots. See the lady on the left?

24934657610_9b208046c1_cThat’s the hot water station. They fill your pot whenever it’s empty, but regulars just walked over to fill it themselves.

25230262565_53b1c46792_cTea options, solid variety.

25230263905_7a50569cdf_cBack room tea storage. Precarious!

24599605214_603a0ce039_cI brought a book and ended up staying longer than planned. A wonderful spot…

25203975036_fea5522bb5_c…that’s easy to miss from the outside. Look for those stairs and walk all the way to the top.

24862585779_ff719e520e_cBack to the hotel for a nap (and chocolates)…

25203989956_08a84c1977_c…love how many properties are starting to do private label tea lines.

25112003792_c3f7628814_cLunch with David at Café Esplanada and then a walk to Margaret’s Café e Nata…

25230259645_f4057f3ae1_c…a five-minute line for…

24603462843_5b3d1fb357_c…truly wonderful Portuguese egg tarts, still warm from the oven. How they wobble!

25137061871_29c33b2688_cNext stop, Lai Kei…

24599612334_aa5d8264f9_c…got here right before the afternoon rush of school children.

24599598044_f1cd3db473_cTheir signature three-flavor ice cream sandwich…

25230258385_0f3bf79f90_c…on a wafer. Coconut, vanilla, and coffee.

24934664820_2579ed1dcd_cAn afternoon drink…

24603483023_4f1226737c_c…and dinner at Vida Rica. Double boiled black chicken and ginseng soup.

24599619494_0559c12a43_cFoie gras, eel, and green apples.

25137081881_41ea9a633d_cRaspberries cream and pistachio cake

24934671920_4ea7399333_cSerradura (a classic Macanese dessert) made of very cold whipped cream folded with crushed biscuits. Also goes by the name “sawdust pudding.”

25203991316_ba11f48a11_cSweets for a good night.

24934670270_e285151147_cEarly breakfast the next morning. Century egg jook and bok choy…

24599616644_3b03831b0f_c…and steamed cha siu bao. Back up to the room to finish work…

24862596119_bdb4949654_c…and off to Joël Robuchon au Dôme for lunch.

24934667580_470d6232eb_cHalf the reason I go to Robuchon restaurants is for the trolleys. So many trolleys!

25230271885_9d609c7081_cI am in love with the trolleys.

25137069261_80718fb2a3_cPost-lunch walk through the city.


25112051862_50fbe78bde_cAfternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental Macau

24603469753_f1917e472c_c…and then ferry back to Hong Kong ^-^

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