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24862596119_bdb4949654_cI was in Hong Kong for a month earlier this year. Of that month I spent one night in Macau. It was mini vacation within a vacation. And so quick! It only takes an hour to get there via ferry. Full Macau recap in the next post. For today…

25230273035_c0e0fd7e5d_c…lunch at Joël Robuchon au Dôme.

24599611734_0f849d1913_cThe warm bread basket with…

24934667580_470d6232eb_c…salted and unsalted butter.

25137077721_36790a7f6d_cSweet corn veloute with marshmallows and smoked duck

24599613874_feb9ab3207_cYellowtail carpaccio with lime and Espelette pepper. Uni and crispy waffle.

24599613604_648b6ded85_cWhipped potatoes

25112017962_d6c728bb86_cBlack cod and tomato ravioli

24934666620_86fc6a5cae_cCheese trolley…

25203987216_38a320aedb_c…a lovely trio. Haven’t had Epoisses in so long.

24934666170_3d6b08957e_cSeaweed and charcoal crackers

25204023226_22db97826b_cPeppermint tisane

25230271885_9d609c7081_cHere comes the mignardise trolley…

25137106781_e3a0bec2fe_c…gingerbread! Guimauves (chocolate, strawberry, mango). Pâte de fruit (lychee, pear, blueberry). Canelé at top right ^-^

  • Sucamola
    July 21, 2016

    just amazing….

  • Rab
    July 21, 2016

    Kathy, hope you can help me here: I’ve developed a dairy allergy in the past two years, and now it’s quite difficult for me to enjoy French desserts, since most have butter and cream. I ask around in bakeries for butterless concoctions, but most people just shake their heads.

    Are you aware of any, apart from guimauves?

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