Moroccan Mint Tea

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1 - Moroccan Mint TeaI start and end the day with tea (been all white teas from Darjeeling this week), straight and pure. But in the afternoon and especially when friends visit, it’s fun serving tea-based beverages. Something different.

2 - Moroccan Mint TeaA big part of my job is identifying global trends and integrating them into the US market. I’m often recipe testing and searching for tea beverages when traveling. When I find something extra special, I adapt it for home use. This is a take on Moroccan Mint Tea (wish I was back here for a day), inspired by Mourad in San Francisco…

3 - Moroccan Mint Tea - Gunpowder It’s very simple. Layer in a glass teapot: a tablespoon of gunpowder green tea…

4 - Moroccan Mint Tea - Lemon Verbena …a handful of dried lemon-verbena leaves…

5 - Moroccan Mint Tea - Mint …and bunch of fresh mint. Add a splash of orange blossom water.

6 - Moroccan Mint Tea - Orange Blossom WaterFill the pot with hot water (190F is ideal) and steep five minutes.

7 - Moroccan Mint Tea - Pine Nuts While the tea steeps, sprinkle toasted pine nuts into each cup.

8 - Moroccan Mint Tea Pour the steeped tea over the pine nuts…

9 - Moroccan Mint Tea…and enjoy ^-^

Moroccan Mint Tea


  • 1 tablespoon gunpowder green tea
  • 1 tablespoon lemon-verbena
  • 1 bunch fresh mint
  • A splash of orange blossom water
  • Toasted pine nuts


  1. In a one-quart teapot, spoon in the gunpowder green tea, lemon-verbena, and fresh mint. Add a splash of orange blossom water.
  2. Fill the pot with hot water (190F is ideal), and let steep for five minutes.
  3. While the tea steeps, divide the toasted pine nuts evenly between each cup (I like to put between 6-10 pieces in each cup).
  4. Pour the tea over the pine nuts, and enjoy.

*Feel free to tweak the ingredient ratios to your liking. This recipe is forgiving. Double the gunpowder for a stronger brew. Use more or less orange blossom water depending on how fragrant you prefer the tea. Only have half a bunch of mint in the fridge? No worries.

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  • Mason
    October 31, 2016

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