Don Bocarte Anchovies

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26879393734_8924c317ea_cI cook a lot because I love it. A lot of that pleasure comes from great ingredients. Beautiful duck breasts, the sweetest salmon and arctic char. A tray of uni. Good olive oil. Even better wine. Boquerones. Anchovies.

For today, Don Bocarte! Thanks to Jee and Fred for the lead on these meaty and clean anchovies. They are the best I’ve had in the US. The best best still goes to Txomin Etxaniz in Getaria. Pressed garlic makes it all wild…

27416766721_e71267f291_cGo to Despana on Broome Street. Enter, look left (after you pass the chorizo) in the refrigerated case. On the top shelf are Don Bocarte anchovies in various sizes. There’s the normal tin size, the bigger size, and the BIGGEST SIZE (put that on my list of fantasy presents).

I usually get the normal size. Single serving pleasure. And I really do mean single. If there’s a friend, you must get at least two tins.

26879394654_0ba881b5c2_cGo (run!) home. Pop open the tin and let it “air” out for ten minutes. Slide onto a plate. Drizzle olive oil on top. A squeeze of lemon. Tiny bit of Maldon. Devour with your fingers. One by one. Ecstasy.

Goes great with tea and even better with champagne ^-^
  • Marilyn
    July 8, 2016

    Now I must run to the market to see if I can find them.

  • Russell
    September 18, 2017

    You make them look soooo good. Got to get some.

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