Snapshots from Iceland

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26069013273_fc61e897a8_cA few months late…but I can still feel the wind chill ^-^

26066712134_071b8da8bb_cI went to Iceland in March thinking I could wear normal winter attire. No one tells you about the wind. Wild and relentless.

26067135414_94f6c4bb4e_cBig thank you to Don who outfitted me in windbreakers and waterproof this and that. I wouldn’t have made it though the trip without all those pieces.

I left my RX1 back in NYC (felt so light), these are all phone photos…

26067134774_b979090011_cWhere to begin! Maybe with the Icelandic herbals. This is inside the home of an artist couple. The wife loves tea/tisanes and grows the most wild assortment of treats. We drank our way through most of her herbs and flowers…

26067135934_21fafcdfc7_cWild meadowsweet and nettles make a dreamy pairing…

26646539056_d4b0c4e92d_c…that’s even better when served with pönnukökur! Icelandic pancakes (that are more like crêpes). Stuffed with whipped cream and rhubarb jam. Bit of honey on top.

26646523646_9a4cb8cbf3_cHere we are heading inside a glacier…

26646525076_26efe720e0_c…and heading right back out.

26078169833_9cb3e752eb_cThis was on the drive back. The weather kept changing so quickly. Storming one minute and bright skies the next.

26067123474_5be4786c04_cWe devoured skyr in multiple forms throughout the day. Puddings, cakes, and ice cream. My favorite was this skyr pudding with macerated berries, sorbet, and herbs.

26682231005_3f8890883d_cBlue lagoon…

25478349044_3dd1968565_c…touristy but pretty magical.

26068970243_be819e221b_cMornings at Reykjavík Roasters…

26068286083_477324ac48_c…and afternoon snacks of carrot and chocolate cakes cooked with geothermal steam. Very neat.

26579383692_619924d6c6_cEerie and magical all at once…

26068159663_0de28592d8_c…nothing like a cozy dinner.

25480549403_5f8d8f6598_cBig thank you to Gudrun and Bjorn/the wonderful Gray Line Iceland team, for making this a dreamy holiday. Till next time ^-^

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  • Marilyn
    July 7, 2016

    Wow! I would love that thermal pool. Cake steamed in the ground would be amazing. What a treat you had sipping herbal teas too.

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