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27177385293_8104ba612a_cApéritif…plus a handful of nibbles ^-^

27713336401_410854b84c_cI was visiting Noelle in San Francisco last week for work projects. And one early Sunday evening, we invited over friends (we all grew up together in Hawaii) for drinks and snacks.

We work together seamlessly…Noelle does the cocktails, I do the tea. Wine and food is a collaborative effort.

27753933656_6c77c22415_cRemember how Pierre’s mom always served foie gras and white port for apéritif? I first learned of this pairing when we stayed with them in Alsace. Then again in Paris and Brittany. No matter the season or where we were in France, I could always count on this treat for the evenings we dined at home.

I didn’t know anything about white port before that first summer. Ahh the things you learn. (That’s my favorites part about traveling.) Always chilled. And sometimes, with an ice cube or two…

27176335934_f6f1fdedbe_cIt turns extra magical once you tie in foie gras. The bloc de foie gras from Trois Petite Cochons (can get it at Murray’s if you’re in NYC) is an ideal go-to. Easy for serving and most importantly, delicious.

27509979680_2fb8976712_cThe bread is equally important. We used a big, hearty loaf from Acme (I like Arcade Bakery when back in NYC)…

27788047115_c5edecf66a_c…and serve however you wish. We did some with a sprinkle of Maldon (which is how Pierre’s mom does it). Others with a drop of reduced balsamic (good job reducing, Greg).

27753935006_3ae27126b5_cSip and bite. Life can be so nice.

27788042715_5b11a7d4b2_cAnd because you can’t live off foie alone we also had chicken liver mousse with truffles. Cannot discount the immense satisfaction I get from slathering that on a slice of bread. We also toss arugula with some olive oil and lemons…though you could say that was venturing out of snack and into dinner territory.

27176305134_75ea8613d9_cSt. Germain spritzers. Just right for summer.

27176308904_44efba0fbe_c And fruit! Always, fruit. Watermelon (thanks to Emma for your excellent cutting skills)…


27176308214_cf9f6598bd_c…and li hing mui pineapples. This is how you know it’s a local gathering ^-^

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