NYC | Nakamuraken Kakigori at Kajitsu

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19592269963_fd5d16b6f9_cHow neat is this? Nakamuraken is a Japanese confectionary based in Kyoto. The owner himself flew to NYC to do a five-day dessert feature at Kajitsu with kakigori (shave ice) and little sweets.

He offered the kakigori in two flavors: rhubarb (with rhubarb jam, lemon, and sugar) and matcha…

20186974636_0faf23dbcc_cThe matcha one is called Shiratama Uji Kintoki Kakigori and comes with matcha syrup made from Ippodo‘s Sayaka-no-mukashi matcha. Also has azuki beans and shiratama/mochi.

20025215578_b1e9b82bf7_cDrizzle on the sweetened condensed milk and dive in.

20026615999_9132764592_cThe other wagashi/sweets were Wakaayu (mochi wrapped in fish-shaped pancake), Kintsuba (azuki wrapped in wheat flour dough), and…

19592252363_16aebfe998_c…Plum Wine Jelly made with plum sake. Looks like we’ll have to make a trip to Kyoto soon…

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