Paris | Neige d’été

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18687603268_51c2f0897e_cAt Neige d’été, they present the beef before anything else.  It’s beautifully marbled, aged four months…

18878139381_68d0d279df_cAnd then dinner starts. Bites of foie terrine (coated in pain d’epice), fig-olive bread, and a cheese and mushroom cracker.

18689174119_793fb475e7_cBread from Geoffrey Pichard, and butter from Le Ponclet. Warm tomato broth.

18875313685_4cc59cc912_cSalmon tartare with a salad of radish and shiso.

18878106341_751e98cb8c_cLobster and white asparagus.

18689139219_f852137240_cScallops and chorizo paella.

18875286895_d2f3be1553_cAnd the beef, hay-smoked…

18849030966_70208c4983_c…and plated with baby potatoes, eggplant, and Japanese mushrooms.

18849019846_e0baf7d10d_cTime for cheese ^-^

18687574220_3baf077373_cComté (aged 36 months), Chèvre, Fourme d’Ambert, and Brillat Savarin. Thyme and sage. Orange and lemon marmalade.

18848986076_261d50eaf0_cStrawberry mousse with rhubarb sorbet. Vanilla bean cream and shiso.

18687509478_742d06d90e_cCoconut milk panna cotta with mango, exotic fruits, and meringues.

18878022321_af23b35d55_cMignardises: mini tarte tatin, rochers, and salted caramel macarons.


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