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18877088745_7638f0cd92_cA table for two at Saturne

18877092605_b8c2762831_c…in Paris. Ready for lunch? Go with the six course “carte blanche”…

18879869721_6952ec1127_c…which begins with bread (from Du Pain et Des Idées).

18871892362_60d4f5a006_cI’ve been craving Alsatian pinot blancs and our server found the perfect bottle (Gérard Schueller) for lunch. On another note, I should get back to Alsace soon.

18877211715_32200acd93_c (1)First, sea bass sashimi. Beets and raspberries. Green onions and sea salt.

18689386610_02ba9b7f68_cCrab and pickled onions. Haricot ert, sorrel, and fennel.

18871869262_ac5fd497b1_cTurbot, clam, and smoked baby potatoes. Point cabbage (which is also known as sweetheart cabbage) and oregano.

18256413643_67d0beb833_cVeal and white asparagus. Mushrooms and mustard. Carrot purée and purple spinach.

18254498214_aa8f5d7d01_cRibbons of comté (aged 24 months). Heaven.

18850793826_0146c6413c_cA chocolate dish composed of mint ice cream, torn bits of plush dark chocolate cake, and soft whipped cream.

18871846742_15f6c76494_cAnd some of the best madelines I’ve encountered. Honey-almond o_O



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