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18871828142_8256f8ac25_cMonday in Paris. Slightly overcast, a bit chilly (perfect scarf weather). A post-lunch treat at Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris.

The property used to do a traditional afternoon tea. Then they switched to the Pierre Hermé Chocolate Bar. And now they have Les Coupes Glacées Pierre Hermé aka ice cream sundaes by Pierre Hermé. And the Bar Glacier Pierre Hermé is launching super soon. Everything Pierre Hermé! Totally fine by me. Here’s how it works…

18877027385_45732cc861_cAsk for a garden table at Le Bar Long. It’s beautiful and secluded. And the colors! Like Alice in Wonderland, all grown up. This is the Les Coupes Glacées wheel. Spin the wheel for six possible sundae combinations, all created by Pierre Hermé.

18879787711_3c6cc483b8_cThis one is Celeste. One scoop lilikoi ice cream and two scops strawberry sorbet. Strawberry and rhubarb confit. A pair of macaron biscuits and plenty of chantilly.

18876985705_69eaa6e0a4_cAnd this is the Ispahan sundae! One scoop rose-lychee sorbet and two scoops raspberry sorbet. Raspberries and raspberry coulis. Rose macaron biscuits and chantilly. Pierre Hermé uses the Ispahan flavor trio (lychee, raspberry, rose) in everything from the original, to a mini version, and chocolates, croissants, gaufres, and granola. And now ice cream sundaes…

18690847129_367c574f10_c…and Ispahan iced tea. Black tea with lychee, raspberry, and rose.

18871812182_c1a391b640_cThere was also an iced darjeeling with peach purée and lavender syrup ^-^

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