A Little CBS Segment On Matcha

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14325221445_91ab11bb56_cHello from the Big Island ^-^

I’ve been in Hawai’i for a month and am heading to NYC tomorrow morning. We spent the last few weeks visiting tea farms on the Big Island, tasting though a bunch of mamaki, and working on tea projects on Oahu. Just did a segment with CBS This Morning, and I’ve been meaning to share this clip we filmed at Ippodo. It’s a little talk on matcha.

Ok, see you guys back in the city!

Tea and Cheese Pairings

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16345250183_b12d5a6aec_cHappy Tuesday ^-^

A few weeks ago I met with Ashley (she coordinates educational classes at Murray’s Cheese in NYC). I brought the teas and she did the cheese (happily we had access to an endless variety of cheese from Murray’s). It made for an amazing afternoon.

We found that the best pairings enhanced both the tea and cheese, but also introduced a new, third flavor that wasn’t there before. An oolong and aged gouda revealed honey notes that neither the tea or cheese had on it’s own. Darjeeling and Comté brought out the flavor of roasted chestnuts…

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Maui, Hawaii

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17059248652_687950e0e4_cOne of the best (there are many!) things about going home to Oahu is the easy access to neighboring islands. We’ve been on the Big Island a few times. And don’t forget about Lanai. And Kauai! Hopefully we’ll make it to Molokai on the next trip. Everything is close enough so that these could all be day trips…but I like taking my time with travels ^-^

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