Tanimura Tango Chasen (Tea Whisk)

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16593968486_40550dbb36_cRemember the chasen/whisk that appeared in this post?

16619292212_20d35e6949_cI ordered it from Kathryn and Ai of Studio KotoKoto (and waited nearly six months for a new shipment). But it’s here and I love it.

16619290372_91f1858a86_cThe whisk is cut from a single piece of bamboo. It’s delicate and light, and naturally encourages you to focus when whisking.

16412639587_693077feec_cMine is the Souhenryu whisk with fine tines meant for making usucha/thin tea

16412639947_c6a874941c_c…and there’s one with thicker tines meant for koicha/thick tea.

16593967336_36681d444e_cI’m also thinking about this baby one for Nodate tea ceremonies. Next time ^-^

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