Down in Yunnan

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15744942442_a19e9c6c45_cThe bulk of our time in China was spent down in Yunnan. We took two flights down to the Pu’er/Simao region…

15557971378_d306baa4db_c…to look at a tree.

15557564519_845ceb3647_cA tea tree, of course heheh. A family friend heads the Pu’erh Tea Association in China and runs one of the largest pu’erh tea companies in the area…

15123531864_a34d0cb592_c….there’s no way we could have ventured here without her guidance.

15741500041_8c6629767b_cA four-hour drive from the airport…

15741569061_4a08cfcce3_c…coupled with more than our share of roadblocks and mudslides as we drove…

15558239447_c15ea07cb8_c…high up Kunlu Mountain (in the prefecture of Ninger). But we made it!

15744977282_18ff47be63_cMost of the ancient tea trees (this one was 950 years old) are owned by small families.

15124014803_23876cdf5a_c-2These families harvest and sell to producers/processors who turn it in to what we know as…

15557534829_c0901a3b01_c…pu’erh tea.

15558643950_f56350ec3e_cThis particular family owned a few of the ancient trees and a number of smaller wild pu’erh tea bushes.

15744996792_a2aab29e87_cWe had only planned to take a brief look at the leaves…

15743406375_bfe374fbf0_c…but ended up staying the entire afternoon…

15719698956_cc67717aed_c…drinking fresh, just harvested pu’erh alongside the aged pu’erh.

15741494541_afe4046378_cIt’s always a bit surreal to be in a setting like this…

15743411735_88ccab011e_c…so far from “ordinary” city life. Why not stay for another cup of two? ^-^

  • Nicole Martin
    January 13, 2015

    I don’t blame you for spending the whole afternoon. These pictures are breathtaking! Yunnan is one of the top places on my bucket list. Hopefully I’ll get there someday soon :)

  • Lindsey Anne
    February 5, 2015

    Wow this photo essay is just gorgeous! I need to go back to China someday.

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