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15724020070_a70697c570_cAs promised, a peek inside Song Tea & Ceramics

15291687243_851b27b816_c…a wonderful tea shop in San Francisco.

15911311205_1ea1a9cdb9_cOne wall lined in ceramics…

15911332325_4537900bba_c…another with tea.

15724049790_d7141b6a8d_cAnd a center table of yixing pots.

15725535167_bf878ca19d_cBut my favorite table? This one here on the left as you enter.

15289094534_f8d9a846b9_cThis is the table for drinking tea, complete with gorgeous trays and cork stools.

15725303499_f5c2c9d594_cLet’s sit for a steep…

15909375421_83fa0474f0_c…or two or three.

15291663913_c825d80209_cWe’ll be back soon again ^-^

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