Chawan Collaboration with Christina Liu Ceramics

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I met Christina on the island of Lana’i in December 2012.

She was living in Honolulu to create ceramics for Vintage Cave and went to Lana’i on a family trip. Pierre and I were in town for the holidays. We were introduced by Reid (of Ono Kine Grindz), and met in the lobby of Four Seasons, The Lodge at Koele. We had a quick chat and then…

…fast forward to late summer 2013. Christina moves to NYC for a studio art program at NYU. We met for the second time over brunch at Maialino, and then based off our instagrams (what a funny world) realized that we liked to eat the same things (mainly gelato/ice cream/sorbet). That’s how we became friends…

…and that’s how this chawan collaboration came into place.

If you drink matcha daily, odds are you do it from the same chawan/tea bowl.

Eventually you become attached to matcha made specifically in that bowl. You get used to the size, the feel, the angle at which to move your wrist, and especially, the diameter of the chawan. And then when you go whisk matcha in another bowl, things feel slightly off. It’s part of the rhythm, the routine.

For me, it was this dark grey/black chawan Christina gifted me as a test piece from her studio. You’ve seen it in many of my matcha posts (here, here, and here). 

So when Christina announced she was moving to London, I said wait! You can’t go without creating a few extra chawan! And that’s how we came up with a little collection in five glazes.

Each one of these wheel-thrown porcelain chawan is custom-made in a West Village studio. Thanks to Christina’s talents, they are beautiful and functional. I kept a few extras for myself to display at home. Though of course, I make matcha in that chawan, that one test piece, the very first bowl. All you need is one ^_^

P.S. Check out more of Christina’s work here…hope to visit her in London soon!

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