A Little Dessert Romp Through Mandarin Oriental New York

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People view hotels through different lenses.

Spa services! Location! Just how plush are the beds? How many pillows? Bath amenities! Room service!

I see properties through two different outlets: tea (what brands? what variety? how is it served in different parts of the property? does a hotel group serve different brands according to country, location, weather?) and dessert.

We’re focusing on the latter today and taking a little dessert romp through the different parts (bar! lounge! spa!) of Mandarin Oriental New York. Full post is on Gotham Magazine.

Let’s start with room service where bourbon vanilla crème brûlée is paired with berries and biscotti…

…and then move to the spa for a bento box (best enjoyed as a post-treatment lunch ;) where the dessert component is a super light raspberry mousse.

Over at MO Bar the housemade, honey-laced baklava comes topped with apricots and toasted, salted pistachios.  

Right outside the MO Bar is the Lobby Lounge (home to afternoon tea…one, two, three) and baby apple pies baked to order. Smoky caramel and chantilly on the side. 

We’ll finish at Asiate (those views!) with a classic chocolate soufflé and two not-so-traditional pairings of chocolate-chili-orange sauce, and milk ice cream ^_^

  • Leah
    July 10, 2014

    The apple pie and the souffl both look unbelievable!!!

  • Marilyn
    July 11, 2014

    And I didn’t think I was hungry.Yes, that apple pie looks to die for,but then everything looks totally delicious.Do you eat all of it? or just a nibble hereand a nibble there?

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