Santa Monica | Matcha Drinks at Urth Caffe

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Found! Three types of matcha-based drinks at Urth Caffe in Santa Monica. 

1. Matcha Bebero. Whisked matcha layered with sweetened condensed milk. 

2. Matcha “shot.” A mini-serving of matcha. How cute would mini-matcha gelato sundaes look in these tea bowls?

3. Matcha latte. Super fun latte art! Swans, bears, hummingbirds, kittens, and elephants.

P.S. Urth Caffes also does a Monkey Granita (made of matcha and bananas), a ton of other tea lattes (rooibos, chai, earl grey). It’s a little chaotic in here but love that they offer so many tea-based drinks ^_^

  • Georgia | Notes on Tea
    June 29, 2014

    Love this post! Want to try the Bebero and Monkey granita.

  • Rajat Dhameja
    June 24, 2015

    Matcha and Banana Granitas at Urth sound great. Cant want to try.

    Was looking for information on matcha teas. Glad I found your blog.


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