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Dinner for two at starts with…

…an Old Fashioned at the bar and vegetables at the table.

We went with the “Grazing, Pecking, Rooting” menu. Ready to begin?

Baby succulents and asparagus.

Tarragon pistou and mokum carrots.

Tomatoes and venison. 

Fiddleheads and herbs.

Sweet potato with hazelnuts and a ham sandwich.

Asparagus soup and burger followed by beet nigiri (which reminds of the radish version we had at L’Arpege). 

Crispy coppa pizza and pickled vegetables. 

Pork liver and caramelized chocolate, and venison salami.

Bone marrow! Topped with beef hearts. 

Speck and pistou. Winter greens from the greenhouse. 

Forks and knives for chicken wings with broccoli rabe and green garlic.

Mushrooms, asparagus, and spring onions. Fiddlehead fern tea.

Soon it was time for a field trip to another room…

…for grilled asparagus followed by broccoli and ramps on saffron sauce. 

Here’s where they grill the asparagus. 

Then it was off to another marvelous room/barn…

…to drink beer…

…and devour brioche with mixed greens pesto…

…and my all-time favorite ricotta. Remember our first and second visit?

And then back to the dining room! Just in time to make tacos…

…with kohlrabi shells.

Carrot salt and whipped honey-lard…

…to accompany warm potato-onion bread. And two types of butter.

Today’s egg and yeasted potatoes…

Pork, asparagus, and chutney with crab apples. 

At last…


And dessert! 

Caterpillar marshmallows, chocolate ladybugs, and caramel quail eggs…

….along with three seasons of honey in different forms and flavor combinations.

And because we couldn’t decide on one type of tea…we had four ^_^

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