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At the corner of Rue Saint-Médard and Rue Gracieuse…

…is a teahouse called Maison des Trois Thés.

Whereas Wistaria (one of my favorites places in the world) focuses on Taiwanese teas and Jugetsudo focuses on Japanese teas…

…Maison des Trois Thés works with Chinese teas. 

We came late Saturday afternoon for…

…a seven-year cooked pu’erh (left) and dong ding oolong (right). 

Both were prepared in classic gong-fu style (we can do a how-to gong-fu post soon).

Spring water, boiling kettles, and tea that evolves with every steep…

…life is pretty good, no? ^_^

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  • Alan
    May 18, 2014

    If…Pretty Good = AmazingAmazing = ???We judge on different plains!

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