Paris | Pierre Hermé and La Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne

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A Sunday stop at Pierre Hermé for sweets ^_^

Ispahan! That rose, lychee, and raspberry flavor combination is a classic.

Canelé! One of my favorite baked goods. All dark and caramelized on the outside, custardy and heady with vanilla beans on the inside. 

Gaufre! We got the Ispahan Gaufre, but they also come in Vanilla and Hazelnut-Praline.

French gaufres are interesting. Imagine stroopwafels…but instead of soft caramel in the center, there’s a gritty frosting. You’d expect something light and lush. But you get the exact opposite. It grows on you. Also check out the gaufres from Meert (they have a location in the Marais). 

At least one Pierre Hermé visit on each trip to Paris. It’s tradition

Right before Pierre Hermé we had lunch at La Cuisine de Bar…

…which is owned by the same people behind Poilâne (try the chausson aux pommes).

Which means the bread is amazing. Raisin and walnuts with strawberry preserves. 

We had split pea soup…

…and baked eggs with smoked salmon.

And a sardine tartine. They have about 15 tartines on the menu and I like to order something different on each visit.

Finishing with darjeeling, fresh fruit, and Poilâne’s spoon cookies (which you can see here).

Till next time ^_^


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