Paris | Mariage Frères | Tea Ice Cream and Sorbet

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How pretty is this tea ice cream and sorbet set?

Our apartment was just around the corner from Mariage Frères in the Marais.

So off we went, a table for two…

…with pots of sencha…

…and a 5-year cooked pu’erh.

Let’s take a closer look at the set. 

This one is a sorbet made from Very Magic Fruit Tea, a blend of apples, hibiscus, rose buds, and citrus. 

There’s a matcha sorbet with diced candied citron and gooseberries.

And bourbon-vanilla ice cream infused with Étoile de France (they made this blend for the opening of Mariage Frères in Tokyo) – sencha blended with noble spices. Paired quite nice with that side dish of raspberry coulis. 

Happy Saturday ^-^


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