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It’s time for lunch at L’Arpège. Four hours well spent ^_^

We begin with radishes and salt…

…and hot potato puffs. 

There are miniature vegetable tartlets…

…and then a salad, so fresh with a hazelnut praline dressing. 

Save room for butter and bread…

…and the radish sushi. One bite, two fingers.

Next comes the vegetable ravioli in a beet consommé…

…and beet tartare with crème fraîche and a quail egg. Fried potatoes on the side. Mix and devour. 

Spring pea purée with the whipped speck cream scooped table-side.

Spinach sautéed in brown butter, young carrots and meyer lemons.

A veggie burger!

Followed by sole and spring peas.

Sea snails and sorrel.

Peas with zucchini, leeks, garlic flowers, and strawberries.

The ultimate vol-au-vent filled with carrots, beans, and herbs. Buttery onion sauce spooned table-side.

White asparagus and sorrel.

And the vegetable couscous.

Magret de canard! With a rooibos tisane reduction and radishes.

Fresh goat cheese, olive oil, carrots, and lemon. 

Onto the sweets! This rhubarb mille-feuille, all caramelized at the top, puts Jacques Genin to shame.

And the mignardises. Spot the caramel apple at bottom-left and top-right?

To finish, a slice of L’omelette Norvégienne. Also known as a Baked Alaska in the US ^_^

P.S. NYT just published this piece on L’Arpège yesterday. I wish we were back in Paris!

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