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Sushi night with Allen and Lisa. Ichimura!

Ready to omakase? Here we go ^_^

Zensai (Ankimo, Bonito, Mirugai, and Baby Squid)…

…and Sashimi (Otoro, Kinmedai, Tai, Engawa, and Abalone).

Chawan mushi with crab, ginger, and black truffles.

Kinmedai / Golden Eye Snapper

Sea Bream…

…and Baby Sardine.


…and Sayuri / Needle Fish.

Spanish Mackerel…

…and Akamutsu.

Tuna marinated in soy sauce for 35 minutes…

…and tiny sweet shrimp. 


…and Hokkaido Uni!




…and Anago.

Three types of tuna, layered on top of one another o_O


And for dessert, matcha ice cream with white chocolate and nigori sake affogato.

Here’s what the ice cream looks like after it’s affogato-ized

…and hojicha pudding with kuromame and toasted buckwheat kernels ^_^

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