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Welcome to Island Shangri-La.

We’ve looked at the hotel’s afternoon tea

…and Restaurant Petrus on the top floor. 

Are you ready for a spin around the property?

Let’s start with the rooms…

…where you’ll find Tony (he can be all yours for HK$150 ;) and a copy of Lost Horizon on the nightstand. The hotel was named after the magical and mystical Shangri-La in the novel. I got takeout uni that night and devoured it while reading in bed…

…and drinking tea. Hotels are perfect for quiet time…

…I could hole up in a good property for days (especially when there’s an entire shopping mall downstairs) and never feel the need to leave. 

And this view! Hong Kong is very curious on misty days.

Fitness centers don’t excite me but I love walking and…hotel pools. It feel so decadent to swim while surrounded by buildings in the middle of the city.

56 floors, 531 rooms, and 34 suites…

…and one very fast elevator.

See you next time ^_^

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