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First meal back home in Honolulu!

Highway Inn opened a new location in Kaka’ako and they’re serving dishes like hand-cut taro chips…

…with a lau lau and lomi lomi salmon dip. They blend a whole pork lau lau, mix it with other goodness (like mayo! and cheese!), bake and top with lomi lomi salmon. 

There’s also kim chee fried rice…

….and a fried ahi poke salad. With strawberries! Super ono. 

And because we were a large group…lau lau and kalua pig served family-style. Can’t find this in NYC :)

We ate it with rice and poi…

…and tomato-beef (just in case there wasn’t enough food).

Are you ready for dessert? Yes!

Chocolate chip cookies made with toasted and ground kiawe beans…

…and a peanut butter and banana twinkie.

One more, one more! Chocolate cupcake…

…stuffed with poi. I love Hawai’i ^_^

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