Another (Santa Barbara) Uni Dinner

Thursday, February 6, 2014 2comments No tags Permalink 0

It’s time for another uni dinner.

But this time we’re getting a little more creative. We’re making:

  • uni chawanmushi
  • uni-lardo toast
  • tarte tatin (no uni)

The chawanmushi didn’t come out so well last time. But this time…no complaints! All wobbly, no bubbles, and super silky. Topped with Santa Barbara uni.

And then we got to work on the uni-lardo toast (all the ingredients are from Eataly). Slice, toast, and brush with fresh rosemary sprigs and olive oil. 

Lay on the uni and lardo. 

Torch until the lardo gets all melty. Sprinkle with Maldon, squeeze a bit of lemon, and devour.

Gotta have rice on the side with…

…all the fixings.

And then it’s time for dessert!!

Allen made one of my favorites…

…tarte tatin.

Going into the oven…

…and out of the oven. Flip over…

…and let cool for a little bit (but not too long ;)

Slice and serve with plenty of crème fraîche.

Ahhhhh. Most delicious ^_^

    February 9, 2014

    It looks very delicious!

  • Brian
    February 10, 2014

    just curious… where do you get such delicious-looking uni?

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