Honolulu, Hawai’i | Izakaya Gaku and Liliha Bakery

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A good dinner starts at the bar of Izakaya Gaku. Housemade tofu topped with dashi jelly…

…followed by negitoro tartare with masago, ponzo, scallions, and a single quail egg. 

There are oysters and mushrooms…

….and Santa Barbara uni shooters! How decadent. 

Seared garlic otoro, hotate, and mackerel. 

Hard to pick a favorite ^_^

One scoop green tea ice cream. But save room because…

…we’re going to Liliha Bakery!!! Dessert? Dinner #2? Waffles! Hot from the iron. 

Soft butter and maple syrup in every nook and cranny. 

Pair it with a butter roll, split, buttered (extra butter!) and grilled. Served up with Liliha’s famous electric jelly.

And of course, a coco puff :)

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