NYC | A Very Good Sunday

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A very good Sunday starts at The Elm with Jess. Meaty breakfast cravings satisfied with steak and eggs…

…and burgers and fries. (Too bad they don’t serve the mille-feuille at brunch. :)

And then a winter walk through Williamsburg and straight into Jess’ new apartment…congrats!

The heater was turned on high, warm and cozy inside. We drank tea all afternoon, Paris-Shanghai and Boléro, both black blends. 

How about some ice cream? A fresh churned batch of matcha and black sesame. Jess is practically famous for her condensed milk ice cream, velvety and intense. 

Then Garry whipped up General Tso’Boys…

…straight from the deep fryer. 

He did two batches with different sauces, we devoured them all…

…on toasted potato buns brushed with kewpie. Juicy chicken thighs and shredded lettuce. 

And dessert? A plate of deep fried pickles ^_^

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