Breakfast in Taipei

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I must have looked lost when I landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. A couple standing next to me asked, where are you trying to go?  I gave him the name of the hotel and he said, but what are you eating for breakfast?

And then we were off! All three of us together.

Both husband and wife were born and raised in Taiwan, and just returned from vacation in Las Vegas. We took the bus, cab, and MRT to get to their favorite breakfast spot. 

We lined up to order. What do you like to eat?

Everything! We ordered flaky little buns in both a savory version with scallions…

…and a sweet version with sugar. Super crisp and hot, dotted with sesame seeds.

Paired with chilled dou jiang. I think I had three cups. I could live off Asian soy milk. 

And then we took a little break, and dived into round two, shao bing jia dan!

I could probably never find this place again on my own..

…but that’s just part of the magic ^-^

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