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[We’ll be going back and forth between NYC, Hong Kong, and Taiwan posts for the next few weeks…hope you guys don’t mind :)]

Lunch for four. Snapshots from an indulgent Thursday afternoon at the The NoMad

Butter-dipped radishes…

….and warm focaccia laced with sage and squash.

Foie gras terrine with grapes, buckwheat, and verjus.

The roast chicken serves two an entree….or split it between four as as appetizer ;)

Dark meat sautéed with butter, shallots, parsley, and morel mushrooms…

…and white meat, carved with foie gras, black truffles, and brioche neatly tucked under the skin. 

On to the entrees! Tagliatelle with king crab, meyer lemon, and black pepper.

Scallops, seared with pumpkin, persimmon, and sage.

Cod, slow-cooked with maitakes and cauliflower.

And risotto, with butter, parmesan and shavings of white truffles.

Tea before dessert – drinking tieguanyin (NoMad sources from In Pursuit of Tea).

An extra buttery wedge of kouign aman, with apple sorbet, slices, and compote…

…and plum sorbet.

And finally, lemon tart dipped in molten shortbread, ricotta ice cream on the side ^_^

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