NYC | Dessert Tasting at Colicchio & Sons

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Wednesday at the bar of Colicchio & Sons with Liz ^_^

We’re passing on dinner tonight. Instead, a six-course tasting of autumn desserts by Pastry Chef Stephen Collucci (congrats on the new doughnut book). What a treat! Ready to begin?

Apple “hot toddy”…

…and meyer lemon cheesecake with ginger beer-poached pears. Thyme caviar and hibiscus sorbet.

Butterscotch panna cotta, black currant, and quince. Topped with caramelized pumpernickle, bacon, and creamsicle ice cream.

Pumpkin bombolini (heaven!) and cranberry jam, vanilla vinegar powder, and toasted marshmallow ice cream.

Mini banoffee tart with concord grapes and banana frozen yogurt.

Sencha sponge (can you imagine if someone baked a collection of all different tea sponges? Tieguanyin! Earl Grey! Matcha!) with dark chocolate mousse and shaved hazelnuts. Huckleberry, crushed biscotti, and creamsicle ice cream.

A fig-infused, rye-based cocktail…

…and a few more bites from Stephen’s cookie jar. Rainbow cookies are one (of my million) weakness.

Hello, orange blossom marshmallows!! 

Thank you for an extra sweet evening ^_^

  • mmz.
    November 8, 2013

    Hi Kathy, Ill be soon in NYC for the first time (just 4 days), and then Honolulu for Christmas (any recs for christmas dinner)..I wrote you an email if you can check it out…Best.

  • Roze
    November 13, 2013

    Banoffee Tart and Pumpkin Bomboloni…talk about a dreamy Wednesday :):)

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