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Snapshots from last night’s dinner at Vintage Cave.

Super thank you to Chris Kajioka, I am still amazed that a restaurant like this exists in Hawai’i. In addition to a number of new dishes, we had several repeats from a visit in May…that’s a good thing because I could eat caviar on smoked brioche and charred cabbage a million times over. Can’t wait to return. 

Nori meringues (top photo), sack of potatoes, cheez-its and… 

 ….cavair macarons. 

Followed by smoked brioche with osetra caviar, BLiS maple gel, shaved marcona almonds, and crème fraîche. 

The most enchanting sashimi plate in town. My favorite? At center, tamagoyaki topped with black truffles and uni. 

Marinated ikura, chanterelles, sea beans, and Kahuku corn. 

Charred cabbage, miso crème fraîche, and anchovy dashi poured tableside.  

Jidori egg yolk, toasted brioche, and parmesan foam; Hudson Valley foie gras, smoked eel, and turnips…

 …roasted abalone with avocados, and oregano followed by the sweetest scallop, barely cooked. 

Beef cap with shiso and bone marrow rice.  

Then time for tea. Sourced from a local blender, they offer darjeeling, sencha (right), and a mamaki-lemongrass tisane (left) that’s even better with a second steeping. 

A single bite sphere and caramelized white chocolate pudding.  

Smoked banana oat… 

…and a chocolate-espresso canelé.

To finish, sassafras chocolates and blueberry pâte de fruit ^_^ 

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