NYC | A.B. Biagi, Part II

Friday, August 16, 2013 0 No tags Permalink 0

They switch up the gelato and sorbet flavors at A.B. Biagi so often that it’s worth visiting at least weekly…

…or maybe every other day. Heheh. 

There was White Chocolate & Bergamot, Cantuccini & Port on the first visit. And then Dark Chocolate (super potent) and Peanut Butter Sorbet with Liz on the second visit…

…we also managed to fit three flavors into a small cup. Thanks, Antonio!

Equal parts Watermelon Sorbet (made for those 100F+ days), Basil & Pine Nut Gelato, and Straciatella Gelato. The dark chocolate shards in the straciatella are much larger than most gelato shops in town, and that is a good thing. 

Don’t forget to have an Americano before leaving…talk about complete experience ^_^

P.S. And keep your eye out for the Gorgonzola gelato.

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