Lemon Cheesecake and SHISEIDO Parlour in Tokyo

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I love it when Lisa heads to Japan for a work trip…mainly because she often returns with an enormous box of teas and sweets for inspiration. Her latest finds are these Japanese cheesecakes from Shiseido aka the cosmetic company. 

Did you know even know that Shiseido makes dessert? Me either. 

And they don’t have just one type of dessert, but a whole collection. Only in Japan, of course. The shop is located in Ginza and goes by the official name of SHISEIDO Parlour. Dine in the tea salon or purchase sweets to take home. 

Here’s a look at the catalog. I don’t know what Beauty Princess is…but sign me up ;)

Other sweets include individually packed custard puddings, biscuit “Hanatsubaki”, strawberry shortcakes, a million chocolate confections including something called Chocolavion, and… 

…these dainty lemon cheesecakes. Golden two-biters outfitted in a crumbly cookie-cake crust. They must be paired with earl grey tea for optimal pleasure, so I’m off to boil the water. See you guys later!

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