NYC | Matcha Slushies at Ippodo and Kajitsu

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How awesome is this? Ippodo is doing matcha slushies for summer o_O

It’s made with their Uji-Shimizu, matcha slightly sweetened with granulated sugar. If they were located just a bit closer to the apartment, I’d start every morning with a cup of this.

They also have a selection of hot teas you can order to-go…but as long as the weather stays this way, I’m sticking with the matcha slushie.

In order to get to Ippodo, you have to go to Kajistu on 39th Street. Ippodo is located inside Kajitsu right as you enter. 

And since you’re already there…might as well have lunch.  Kajitsu is divided into two floors. Upstairs is the “classic” Kajitsu (relocated from 9th Street) with a vegan menu based on the Buddhist shojin-ryori principles. Here’s a photo from lunch back in Spring 2013. Downstairs is Kokage where they include seafood and eggs into the menu. 

Today, we decided to go the seafood and eggs route ^_^

The best water glasses in the city? Probably. They’re important from Japan and super light and thin. I want to order a whole case of these glasses for my home kitchen. 

Kayt ordered the chilled somen with umeboshi, chive, myoga, and bak choy. Comes with a creamy sesame sauce for dipping, and two pieces of saba sushi…

I had the saba sushi set. Eight pieces saba sushi and two inari with miso soup on the side (top left).

Love how it’s topped with a flurry of dried, shredded seaweed.  

Two options for dessert! Matcha with wagashi (from Kagizen Yoshifusa, examples here and here) OR matcha with wagashi and namafu-manjyu.

Or you always have that matcha slushie ;)

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