NYC | Mont Blanc Crème, Teapuccinos, Scones, and More at Press Tea

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I know it’s a steaming 100F in the city right now, but have you tried the Caramel Cape Town Latte from Press Tea yet?  It’s rich and velvety with just enough dark caramel to give it this subtle sweetness. But the magic is in the foundation, a bold shot of rooibos…extra potent because they literally press the tea leaves instead of steeping it. Love the concept.

But if you really can’t take the heat, consider the iced Mango Rooibos…

…or Peach Green Tea Lemonade. The sweetness comes from fruit purée and a light hand of cane sugar syrup.  

This is the iced Rose Black Teapuccino. ..

…but I can’t get enough of the salty-sweet Mont Blanc Crème (think super airy, extra frothy cream). You can get it sweetened or unsweetened and on top of any drink be it the Formosa…

 …or iced Rooibos. 

I even had it over the Kashmir Chai on another occasion.

And because there is always room for dessert, don’t forget about the mini-scones (count me in for seconds of the apricot-white peach :). Best of all? They’re about to debut a new afternoon tea service soon, stay tuned! 

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