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Thank you to the people at Del Posto for making each visit even better and better. Didn’t think this was possible…but that goes to show. NYC restaurants are magical. Otto is my casual go-to, but Del Posto is the one I visit for decadent lunches with plenty of wine. It’s where I take my parents when they visit and where I go alone on tough weeks. It’s also a favorite celebration destination and catch-up lunch spot with good friends. Ideal for any occasion, indeed.

Onto the food. The amuse bouche here would be so fitting at afternoon tea. Single-bite chicken salad tea sandwiches (better than most afternoon tea spots in town), dainty cups of warm cauliflower soup, and fried risotto balls.

And then we were greeted with another round. Sweet surprise ^_^

Remember the whipped lardo? Heaven. Try smothering it on warm baguette with extra butter. Then follow with focaccia and olive bread. This alone could technically be a full meal.

But then there is the Insalata Primavera della Terra with summer herbs and crumbled salva cremasco. Pierre often winds up with lighter dishes while I’m drawn to things like…

…creamy Vitello Tonnato with savory olive croutons, lemon-basil, and caper shoots.

Before the entrees, a thoughtful gift of Luna Piena, a full moon ravioli with castelmagno cheese and warm black truffle butter.

And then onto the salmon! Poached, rare, and over pureed perilla. A broth laced with 49 ingredients poured tableside.  

There was also lamb, smoked with salsa madre and wilted spinach.

Finally, dessert! Chestnut gelato, apple sorbet…

…a frozen cannoli with stracciatella gelato and salted pistachios for him.

And for myself, an all-time favorite: eggplant and chocolate. Super thin slices of eggplant over a crostata shell. Topped with ricotta-straccitella gelato, then finished with a pour of olive oil-chocolate sauce. Heady.

More bites! Mini polenta tarts, lolipops of olive oil gelato dipped in dark chocolate (and rolled in olive oil croutons), dehydrated grapefruit with campari, mini-bomboloni…we could go on forever.

Till next time ^_^

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  • Georgia
    July 8, 2013

    Eggplant and chocolate?! Eggplant is my power food. How can I recreate this at home…

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