A Tea Wing Matcha Kit

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Here’s a little primer on matcha… 

…specifically the matcha from Tea Wing.  

It all starts with the water…

…and this exquisite matcha kit. 

 They’ve got three types of matcha:

I. Shinme is ideal for usucha, or thin matcha. Shinme has a distinct element of astringency that you want from a good thin matcha.

II. Hibiki can be used to make usucha and thicker koicha. Hibiki produces a very concentrated flavor and creaminess, with the bitterness and astringency muted when it’s made as koicha.

III. Kiwami is best for koicha. This matcha is made from the most tender, highest-grade tea leaves. The result is a tea that is the sweetest of the three and most velvety on the tongue.

The reward for opening a brand new tin of matcha? That distinct pop and then the puff of matcha into the air. Almost as rewarding as the drink itself.

There are a number of tools required to make a proper bowl of matcha and the kit has everything you need (matcha included ;) Clockwise from top-left:  a Karatsu-yaki chawan tea bowl, the matcha felt-lined trivet (for the kettle), white oak chashaku tea scoop, stone scoop rest, and Chasen whisk (all from Japan). The box is made in Brooklyn by Pat Kim…and as a bonus, the kit’s lid also functions as a removable serving tray.

To make Usucha (thin matcha), whisk 2 sifted chashaku scoops (1.5 grams) of matcha with 2.5 ounces of 190°F water. Whisk vigorously in an “M” or “Z” shape until a thin foam appears on top. For koicha (thick matcha), use 4 scoops of matcha and 2 ounces 190°F water. Knead the matcha in a circle or cross pattern until lumps are removed.

Pair with wagashi (I am in love with this chocolate porcupine) and you are good to go ^_^

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  • Chris
    August 2, 2016

    Pls. advise if your teas are available to purchase. Your website expired–thank you.

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