NYC | Summer Sweets at Dominique Ansel Bakery

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You remember the Spring Sweets at Dominique Ansel BakeryNow it’s time for the summer ones ^_^

Meet the Raspberry Cherry Beer Religieuse, complete with raspberry compote and Kriek Lambic (aka cherry beer) cream. I wish I could line-up every single religieuse created at the bakery (coconut-mango! blueberry! pistachio! uncle sam!) and devour them one by one.

Sherry Yard’s Strawberry Popover is part of Dominique’s third collaboration in their Pastry Chef Series. The first collaboration was a Raspberry Mint Passion Fruit Pavlova from Johnny Iuzzini and the second was a “Couronne” from Michael Laiskonis.

White Peach Blanc Manger alters layers of vanilla bean-milk pudding with sake-poached peaches. Don’t skip the almond sablé cookies. Super light, an excellent hot weather dessert. 

The Sunflower Tart is my favorite from the collection. Ripe and sweet apricots with lilikoi/passion fruit curd and a finish of Lior’s MishMish spice (which I like to sprinkle over yogurt for breakfast). 

Salted Lemon Tart features lemon curd and lime mousse. A sprinkle of fleur de sel and candied lemon confit to finish.

And look at this!! So cheerful. It’s the Will Cotton x Dominique Ansel Fraisier. Think classic strawberry cake with pistachio bavarois cream. Strawberries on top and little Mini Me meringues all around. 

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