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Afternoon snack at L.A. Burdick with Nadia and Paula (thanks for having me :) starts with…

…braided blueberry danishes warmed in the oven. Flaky with pops of whole berries in each bite…

…and the Melange tea latte (I have a soft spot for tea lattes). This is a black tea blend with cocoa, cardamom, mint, and a bit of honey on top. 

Next, we dive into a tower of macarons! 

And then The Burdick with alternating layers of a delicate japonaise biscuit and rum ganache.

The Harvard Square (named after their Cambridge location) is their signature dessert. Think dark chocolate ganache, toasted walnuts, and cake combined into one. Super decadent. 

My personal favorite is the Brown Butter Tart, nutty with a crisp exterior and plenty of fruit and whipped cream. They’re currently using rhubarb…keep an eye out for pumpkin and plum come autumn.

And you can’t leave without a Chocolate Frappé, especially during summer. They do it in milk, white, and dark chocolate. Get the dark, with extra cream. Chocolate shavings and light on the ice. 

Chocolates for the walk home ^_^

The mice (spot the white chocolate?) are most popular, but I’m partial to tea chocolates in flavors like earl grey, chamomile with almond…and if you are lucky, lapsang souchong.   

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