Recently in Hawai’i | Lilikoi Bars, Banh Bot Loc, Whole Ox Burgers, Espresso Bar at Neiman Marcus, and La Mer

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Apologies for the recent lack of posts…am tying up a few things before heading back to NYC (can’t wait!). I’ve been in Honolulu for two months, and while the first few weeks moved nice and slow, I am now scrambling to finish the ten million things I had planned to do…but have yet to touch.

Till then, 5 very delicious things on our happy island ^_^

1.  Lilikoi Bars from Sconees (the Kaimuki location is best). I love everything lilikoi, and these buttery wonders are Hawaii’s answer to the more popular lemon bar. Less tart, more sweet and creamy with a shortbread crust. 

2. Banh Bot Loc aka Vietnamese shrimp dumplings. The clear, chewy “skin” is made from tapioca starch, nuoc nam on the side. We get these from Andong Market in Chinatown. Go early…all the good stuff is usually out by 11am. 

3. Awesome burgers from The Whole Ox (with red onions and caper aioli). Get it plain… 

 …or with cheddar.

And sometimes you just want a fried chicken sandwich ^_^

Regardless of which burger/sandwich you order…don’t skip the Plantation Iced Tea (a mix of tea and pineapple juice) It’s one of the best on the island with tons of fresh pineapple blended into the drink.

4. Every other visit to Neiman Marcus isn’t for clothing, but these giant peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies at the Espresso Bar. Crisp, golden edges and chewy in the center. They also do oatmeal and chocolate chip-bacon cookies, but these are ones I keep returning for.

5. Sunset dinner for two at La Mer with Kristen. An annual tradition since our 17th birthday (they served us sparkling apple cider the first few years ;). No matter what we order for appetizers and entrees…we always end with warm chocolate soufflĂ©s. It’s tradition.


P.S. Top photo: mountain apples from our neighbor ^_^ 


  • Kat
    November 30, -0001

    loving the new layout. thanks again for meeting up it was really fun, I hope next time we can do something "foodie" together :)

    • Kathy YL Chan
      May 25, 2013

      So good to finally meet you Kat! Yes, for sure…next time in HI/NYC/OSA ^_^

  • Krizia
    May 24, 2013

    Oo Kathy I love your new layout! It’s so clean :) Ugh if only I could be better about blogging haha.

    • Kathy YL Chan
      May 25, 2013

      Thanks Krizia! Wish you would blog more…I love reading your posts ^_^

  • Karen
    May 24, 2013

    I haven’t seen mountain apples in years! So happy to see them still around. I have fond memories eating them while visiting family on the Big Island :-)

    • Kathy YL Chan
      May 25, 2013

      Hi Karen! I’ve only eaten mountain apples when in Hawai’i…such a local treat! :)

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