One Day in Honolulu

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Amy and Dominique were in town the other week…so we ate! We ate lots.

First we went to Ono Seafood for poke bowls. These are the best poke bowls in town. Super fresh ahi, ogo, shoyu, Hawaiian salt, sesame oil, scallions, kukui nut, and chili peppers. All over hot rice.

Then we went to Leonard’s for malasadas. Look at that ^_^ We got three types of malasadas: plain, custard-filled, and li hing mui-dusted. Fried to order.

One day I would like to do a malasada tour of the island. We can start at Leonards then go to Champions, then Kamehameha Bakery, Liliha Bakery, and Agnes Bake Shop, a few other places, then finish at The Kahala (where they are called “kahalasadas”) just in time for sunset on the beach.

From there we drove to Kamehameha Bakery for poi malasadas. But they were sold out.(Don’t worry, Amy and Dominique went back the next morning). We also had Liliha Bakery and Helena’s on the go-eat list but they are both close on Mondays.

So off to Fort Ruger Market! This is “Hawaiian Plate A”…a little taste of everything. Pork laulau, pipikaula, kaulua pig, lomi lomi salmon, and haupia. With lots of rice…

…and a furikake rice musubi. Dominique’s first taste of Spam! Here’s a little how-to-make spam musubi post I wrote for Serious Eats back in 2008. 

Did you think we were done? Not yet! Not even close. From here we went to Bubbies for mochi ice cream! Sakura, green tea, and lilikoi.

And then to Waiola’s (original location) for shave ice! Half li hing mui, half green mango. 

A few hours later…Vintage Cave! Thank you Amy for such an amazing dinner ^_^

Clockwise from top left: oyster miso takuan, vanilla bean macaron caviar, sweet onion uahi meringue, and pain au lait, clam dip.

Sashimi: kona kampachi with yuzu radish shiso, bigeye tuna and foie gras, toro with smoked tuna gel, buri with charred scallion pesto ponzu, kinmedai with ume fennel, and shima aji with burnt citrus wasabi.

Caviar on brioche…my favorite bite of the night. Simple but exquisite!

Charcoal grilled asparagus, tofu, and charred juice sprouts.

Kurt’s new potatoes with fermented mustard cream, roe, and seaweed.

Charred cabbage leaves with miso, konbu, dill, and anchovy.

Jidori egg yolk with celery root, truffle, ham, and parmesan.

He’eia octopus with watercress, green tomato, and charred zucchini.

Hot smoked king salmon with sweet onion rye.

Aged and roasted Sylvia’s duck with saffron, cauliflower, and date-caper emulsion. Whole duck on the left, and sliced on the right.

Compressed kula strawberries with Ho Farm’s tomatoes, basil, crème fraîche, and grains of paradise.

Sage canelés!

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