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I cannot resist sweets wrapped in colorful foil.

Especially when they are from

Bouchon Bakery

. One of each, please!



Peanut Butter Cup

When it comes to peanut butter sweets at Bouchon, 


). And though they are pretty fabulous, sometimes you just want peanut butter



Dark chocolate exterior, crunchy peanut butter mousse. So simple, so good.

Second, Fuggedaboutit (that’s the name).

Look at that line of fleur de sel o_O

Milk chocolate shell. On the bottom, peanut butter mixed with marshmallow and rice krispies. On top, buttery salted caramel filling.

And third, the Peppermint Paddy! Appropriately wrapped in green.

Smooooth dark chocolate exterior….

…with a creamy peppermint fondant.

Shiny, shiny.


oh man

, we are not finished yet.

Caramel Kettle Popcorn with Peanuts!

Make sure to brush your teeth (and floss) after this one.

And maybe after this one as well. Toffee!

Truffles, two dark chocolate and two hazelnut. Happy Friday ^_^

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  • Allan
    April 16, 2013

    Across the Street and you didn't say hello ?

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