All the Details III

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1. On my walk to


, balloons along Washington Square Park North.

2. Tocca is better known for feminine scents, but I love the 007. They no longer carry it in-store, but you can still find it online. Think soft leather, so masculine.

P.S. Someone asked about tea-scented candles last week…I’ll post on that soon.

3. Buttery sea salt croissant from

Smile To Go

. Far from a classic (more like a crescent than a croissant), but delicious in it’s own way.

4. The menu at


 is full of dream pairings. Think

ikura and bone marrow

on brioche, burrata wrapped in beef carpaccio (pictured), and 

uni with spaghetti


5. Shades of yellow at a dinner party.

6. Hot drinks (my favorite part of winter!) at

The Modern


First, Cross & Bones made from Jamaican rum, mulling spices, brown sugar, and whole milk. Drop the clove-studded lemon peel into the concoction and sip away.

Next, The Modern Toddy.

A glass arrives at the table, empty save for a pair of

pear-vanilla gelées

. Then the waiter fills it up with a toddy of straight rye and lemon. Stir to melt the gelée, divine!

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