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Another weekend, another



Lunch at Jeffrey’s Grocery.

I love the deceptively simple sounding chicken caesar salad. Romaine lettuce, buttery croutons, hardboiled eggs, warm and juicy chicken (dark meat only!), and pickled shallots. All tossed with a smoked herring dressing, parmesan to finish. Generously portioned and perfectly fits my need for a clean 


hearty salad.

There’s also this sausage biscuit thats just-so-right on a cold winter day. Housemade biscuit split and layered with pork sausage, scrambled eggs, and American cheese. The greens on the side? That’s just decoration when you’ve come this far.

Then out you go, one block north to Jack’s Stir Brew.

I’m loyal to the Sweet Mary (briefly

mentioned here

), a warm concoction of chamomile steeped in soymilk with honey and cinnamon.

Jeffrey’s Grocery

172 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

(646) 717-2455

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