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Saturday afternoon at Buvette, bar seats are always the best.

A coffee…

…and then perhaps, a drink? I’ve got my eye on the rosette.

But first, we eat! Steam scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes and a dollop of chèvre. Piled over toasted baguette drizzled with olive oil and shavings of parmesan.

And my go-to lunch dish, the . Haricot verts, roast chicken (dark meat only, skin included), and creamy potatoes soaking up that mustard vinaigrette. There are also sliced radishes, butter lettuce and plenty of crisp endives.

The only thing about the bar seat is…that’s where they keep the tarte tatin! Whole tarte tatins cooling off, and sliced tarte tatin, plated and waiting to be sent off.

You get a front row view of tarte tatins coming and going and pretty soon…

….you just can’t help but order one yourself. Just look at that crust.

Extra crème fraîche, s’il vous plaît.

Buvette | 42 Grove Street,  NY, NY 10014 | (212) 255-3590

  • anonymous
    February 16, 2013

    I was at Buvette Thursday night! LOVE it – just can't get enough. In fact, after your photos, I'm thinking a leisurely mid-day visit is in order…

  • Tasty Trekker
    February 20, 2013

    I would never be able to say no to that Tarte Tatin!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    February 22, 2013

    Amy – I think that's a great idea ;) Safe travels and have fun on your upcoming vacation!Roze – Same here, same here! ^_^

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